This video Can SAVE LIVES | 4 Signs You’re About To Have a HEART ATTACK.

Cardiovascular diseases cause very high percentage of deaths worldwide. Half of these deaths are caused by heart attacks: the leading cause of death among men and women worldwide.

Heart attacks occur when the coronary arteries become blocked, causing insufficient blood flow and, in a few minutes, can cause sudden cardiac death. However cardiac arrest can be reversed, especially if we see them coming. About half of patients with stroke warning symptoms before the incident. These symptoms occur gradually, over the course of several minutes, and detect any of them on time is essential to prevent heart attacks cause irreparable damage.

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The first minutes from time when symptoms occur are vital: 75% of deaths occur in the first hour from the moment we realize that something is wrong. The good news is that if we act fast and we reached the hospital in time, the probability of survival is 95%.

These are the main signs that may indicate the presence of a heart attack:

  1. Fatigue and breathing difficulties:

Dyspnea, or difficulty breathing, appears before numerous strokes, particularly among women, and may begin months before we suffer a heart attack. It is usually accompanied by extreme fatigue. It is a difficult symptoms associated with cardiac arrest, but if we are exhausted with no apparent cause is the smartest us to go to the emergency room ready.

  1. Excessive Sweating:

Sweating more than usual, although we are not exercising, it may be a sign that our heart has a problem. Pumping blood through clogged arteries requires our heart make greater efforts than usual, body temperature increases due to this effort and our body sweats to try to keep it at bay. These symptoms may appear days before a heart attack: if we find cold sweats that have no apparent cause, and clammy skin, we must go to the doctor without thinking twice.

  1. Indigestion, nausea and vomiting:

Sometimes heart attacks are preceded by digestive problems, including nausea and vomiting. These are the most difficult to associate with a heart attack symptoms, and most commonly, have nothing to do with this, but if we have an iron stomach and we have not eaten anything out of the ordinary, a sudden indigestion may indicate that something is wrong in our hearts, and we may well see a doctor.

  1. Chest pain: Although not all strokes are preceded by chest pain, this is the most common and most easily recognizable symptom. Chest pain is usually prolonged -Lasts around 15 minutes- and is perceived as an intense pressure in the chest, which may spread to the back, arms and shoulders, especially on the left side (areas they can get to hurt us more than the breast itself). Pain can not be continued: many times comes and goes, but the attack will come sooner or later. Nor all strokes are preceded by chest pain equal intensity: little can hurt us and, still, cardiac arrest is imminent. Given this symptom we must immediately notify the emergency department.

Better be a false alarm:

If we notice any of these symptoms it’s smart to go immediately to the emergency room and in the case of chest pain, immediately call the emergency services.

Not always these symptoms indicate that we will suffer a heart attack, but better safe than sorry. Many people do not act fast enough, because the pain is not too severe or because they do not recognize the symptoms, and just realize that something serious has occurred when lying on the ground.

Unfortunately, around one quarter of heart attacks are silent: they appear without chest pain and no other symptoms. But the rest can be avoided if we are attentive and properly advise our relatives.

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