Cough Natural Remedies At Home. DO THEY WORK!!

 Cough Home Remedies

To feel its calming effects, take the remedy of honey and lemon hot, just before getting into bed. So we avoid episodes of nighttime cough.

The cough is a respiratory condition that affects many people, and may occur more frequently during the night hours, especially in the early mornings, when it is colder. Similarly, the cough may suffer both children and adults, being more common in very young children and older adults.

This time we will learn some natural remedies that can help ease that night cough that leaves no sleep or live calm to many people around the world. It is natural remedies that for years have proven effective and that today must rescue and implement to solve and improve the quality of life of a large number of people.

cough natural remedies - fast relief

  • Lemon and honey (First Cough Home Remedy):

Lemon and honey are an excellent partner to try and improve symptoms of nighttime cough, so that should be taken right at bedtime.

This is a very simple preparation, but highly effective. The first thing to do is to heat a cup of water to which you add a tablespoon of honey and lemon juice.

This preparation should be taken hot and immediately get under the covers, so they will feel much more their soothing effects especially decongest the throat and airways, avoiding coughing episodes. After taking this remedy should not take anything cold.

  • Onion Syrup and Honey (Second Cough Natural Remedy):

The syrup prepared with onion juice and honey is very effective to treat coughs, especially prevents annoying coughing episodes that can occur in the early morning hours. The onion has great anti-bacterial and antibiotic properties, honey meanwhile has many anti-inflammatory and antibiotic, antiseptic, among many others that, combined, form a very special natural remedy to alleviate and prevent coughing.

How to prepare this syrup is quite simple, the first thing to do is hollowing out a large onion in the hole that we make a few tablespoons of honey is added, which was allowed to stand for a couple of hours. During that time the onion will release their juices, which are combined with honey giving rise to fabulous and cash onion and honey syrup, which should take one tablespoon every hour.

Another effective way to prepare this syrup is, remove onion slices and place in a bowl, once you add the honey and likewise taken every hour a spoonful of the syrup which is obtained by this procedure.

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