CURE DIABETES | BOIL These LEAVES And Cure Diabetes NATURALLY Without Using Drugs!

Mango is a very delicious tropical fruit, used to make excellent smoothies that provide a lot of protein and properties to our body.

However, there is a part of the mango that we don’t take into account and is very powerful. These are mango leaves, which are able to cure diabetes, a disease that has cost the lives of many people around the world.

So this time we’ll tell you how it is that mango leaves will help fight diabetes with a powerful natural remedy.

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Natural remedy against diabetes with mango leaves:

That’s right, mango leaves are great for lowering blood sugar which is what triggers the problem of diabetes, show you how to prepare it:

To prepare this medicine should boil water with a few mango leaves for 10 to 15 minutes. Then let them cool overnight.

The next morning you should drink it (filtered, which means without leaving the mango leaves) fasting, perform this treatment for 2 or 3 months.

What happens is that help your body cleanse these toxins in your blood also known as high blood sugar, and avoid the problem of diabetes.

Tips for managing diabetes:

  • Eat healthfully. This does not mean you have to deprive yourself of what you like, but you have to consume adequate and not excessive portions. A diet low in fat and moderate carbohydrate is ideal for controlling your glucose. Balance your food and includes fruits and vegetables in your meals. Talk to your Nutritionist so that together we find a meal plan that conforms to your needs and tastes.
  • Do exercise. Just 30 minutes a day to get good control.
  • Low weight. Most people with type 2 diabetes are overweight and have found that by lowering some kilos, their glucose levels drop, the reason is that the pancreas organ producing insulin, needs to develop more of this hormone when people have weight the rest. Less weight means better action of insulin.
  • Eat at fixed times. This is a good way to keep your weight and at the same time, to control your glucose. An unbalanced diet or eating at odd times, causes the pancreas loses its rhythm in the production of insulin, which results in high and low blood glucose.
  • Drink water. This fluid helps improve circulation in your veins as it prevents the blood from becoming viscous. Talk to your dietitian about the amount indicated for you.

We hope this fabulous remedy and advice will be of great help to control your diabetes. Share!

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