NAIL FUNGUS: The ‘Fungus Breaks’ Eliminate TOENAIL FUNGUS For LIFETIME!!

The nail fungus can become a difficult problem to solve, and to prevent the proliferation of fungi is very important to keep the area dry and neat nails, since moisture encourages their occurrence and development.

In medical terms, infections of the nails and feet known as onychomycosis, a condition that can cause discoloration, peeling and weakening it. Fungi usually appear near the foot of hands, because they are always in humid or warm by wearing socks or shoes closed places, causing proliferation.

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Remedy With 3 Ingredients TO ELIMINATE FUNGI:


  • Ethyl alcohol at 90% concentration.
  • Peroxide.
  • White vinegar.


In a glass container mix 90% ethyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide in equal amounts and add some white vinegar to prevent alcohol volatilize. Using a cotton we apply twice a day this remedy in the affected nails. After washing the area thoroughly and have dried well.


  • Avoid plastic shoes tight and not to allow ventilation of the feet. Therefore, the leather footwear is recommended.
  • Avoid walking barefoot in public places or places like swimming pools, changing rooms or showers and after visiting, wash and dry the feet.
  • It is recommended to use their own utensils if pedicure and not share it with others. Even not use the same nail clippers for nails that are healthy and those that are infected.
  • Wear cotton socks 100% in order to absorb moisture from the feet. If the socks are wet, change them with new ones that are dry and then dry your feet and place them talc.
  • Cut toenails straight regularly.

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