Do you have this longer toe?. Then BEWARE with the Greek Foot!

14% of the population owns “Greek foot”. That means it has the second toe longer than the first toe.

The most common type of foot is the “foot” Egyptian, which owns 49% of the population, and in which the first finger is the longest of all.

Historically, it has been linked to having “Greek foot” with some positive circumstances, but science has shown that it has its cons. And you have to take extra care. To find entirely on the Greek foot, continues watching the video.

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Having the “Greek foot” is not harmful of need, but may become so if not cared for in a very special way footwear is used.

Beyond aesthetic considerations, where everyone can have a trial or another, this type of foot is more prone to cause problems and cause pain to those who have it.

Scientific studies have shown that the “Greek foot” is easier to suffer inflammation so their “dress” is essential to ensure good health without suffering major problems.

The positive thing about having this finger foot longer:

According to legend, the Greek goddesses had such standing, so it is named. But not only that, but those who have also supposed to have inherited from their divine “powers”.

And it is that historically, those who have “Greek foot” has been linked them with strength, intelligence and sexual attraction. Unfortunately for those who possess this alone is a myth that obviously can not be shown.

Advice for those who have this finger foot longer:

The guidelines that provide physicians if you have this type of foot is very clear: we must use a comfortable and wide enough shoes, do not let the trapped fingers or the especially oppressed foot. And never pointed.

Also, if possible, it is best to use Extra soft templates to ensure proper cushioning body weight since being longer second toe, it is supporting more pressure when bending and walking.

In any case, if you have Greek “foot” and have started to develop pain, it is best to consult a specialist doctor to conduct a review and advise any treatment or care, since it can degenerate into serious problems in the joints throughout the lower body.

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