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With back to school, heads of smaller often suffer the attack of lice. It is very common and should not alert parents but they must be vigilant to finish them as soon as possible and prevent contagion to other children. In any pharmacy you can find effective treatments that will help, but health and wellness, try home remedies equally fast also not harm small.

1) You can go through a pharmacy and buy some shampoo or remedy against lice and nits naturally, that does not carry pesticides. Better yet, in some herbalist will give you the right solution: you can buy a special shampoo or hair cream against these bugs always based on food or all-natural products can be a very good choice.


2) But, if you prefer, you can create yourself your own shampoo with which you can kill lice and nits of the smallest. One of the formulas the base can get an infusion of eucalyptus leaves. The you’ll find at any herbalist. Put water to boil, add them and let stand. When the water is not too hot, applied to the infected head hair and stir well. Apply to the roots.

3) Another infusion as effective and can kill lice and nits is the infusion of rosemary. Maybe you have a pot of rosemary at home, which will suffice you to create your infusion. In herbalists, florists, etc. You can get some pot or branch and create your infusion. Follow the same steps as in the previous case.

4) You can also remove lice and nits with home remedies using lavender oil on the affected head. You can find it at any health food store but make sure that it is pure lavender oil, unmixed. Apply at the roots, massage well head (wear gloves if you apply it with your hands).

5) Apple cider vinegar is aggressive enough to these microscopic bodies to kill them. This remedy is much more effective against nits or lice eggs. Note that if there are many grown-up, may not produce the effect to 100%, but can be applied as a start and see the effect it causes. Mix hot water and vinegar, and always equally applied to dry hair.

6) Many aromatic oils can help kill lice and nits, which are killed by these fragrances: coconut oil, jasmine, anise, geranium, and so on. They are easy to find and apply, causing damage much less the scalp than any other chemical product.


Wear gloves when applying the product with your hands.
Uses a tooth comb to remove all traces of lice after applying the products.
Thoroughly wash towels, clothes and objects used in the process.

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