How Lose Belly Fat – Important Tips

Tips to lose belly fat

It is essential to combine a natural and healthy diet with exercises to strengthen the abdominal area and achieving fat reduction.

Belly fat surrounds vital organs; It is located under the muscles, and requires diet and exercise to eliminate it. To reduce belly fat, it is important to increase physical exercise, strengthen the abdominal muscles and follow a diet plan, eradicating bad habits, such as snuff and alcohol.


how to lose belly fat in 1 week

To lose abdominal fat is important to be aware of the amount of food you eat and the calories they contain.

Consume natural foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and olive oil extra virgin raw; as well as lean proteins, preferably chicken or turkey without skin, and fish, avoiding simple carbohydrates like white bread, refined pasta, soft drinks, precooked foods, sweets and saturated fats.

Add to your diet vegetables such as asparagus, which act as a diuretic, to relieve water retention, which causes inflammation and swelling in the stomach; cucumbers, which reduce water retention and help to create a sense of satiety, preventing overeating, and kale, which keeps sugar levels constant blood to avoid increasing cravings that you only provide excess calories .

Use cooking methods such as boiled, steamed, grilled, baked and poached, and avoid fried and sauces.

Drink plenty of water, at least two liters a day, in addition to moisturize your skin and your body, it removes toxic wastes, maintains good intestinal transit and proper weight.

Create a deficit of 500 calories a day and so you can reduce about one kilo of fat a week.


Along with the diet is due to perform a combination of strength training and aerobic training, which is the best way to reduce belly fat.


Maximize your cardio sessions, with activities such as walking or running.

Start with a moderate activity, like riding a stationary bike to ride mode and after a few minutes, increases the intensity of it, placing it in ascent mode, spending time between both activities at least 30 minutes.

Start with a strength-training exercise, such as crunches. After completing the crunches, alternating with intense type of cardio, such as running, jumping rope, or perform jumps are some options. Make these stomach toning exercises and intense cardio for at least 30 minutes.


The exercises focus on the abdominal region, and not only minimize the size of the abdomen fat reduction, but also put strong abdominal muscles, creating further weight reduction.

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