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Money is an indispensable part of our daily life, because thanks to him we can buy food and things that we need.

Although the way to get the money is through work, the Fen Shui, which is a Chinese philosophical system, Taoist origin, very old, has a well-known advice which allows you to attract money thanks to a plant called Crassula.

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For this reason we will tell you how you can attract money with this plant, how to care for it and how it can influence your financial situation.

How to attract money according to Feng Shui ?:

According to Feng Shui, any home that owns a Crassula plant will have better luck economically. And we are talking about a plant belonging to the group of so-called “succulents”. It is of thick stem, fleshy and bright leaves of jade color. Some varieties may have reddish edges and, under optimum conditions, may give white or pink flowers.

If you’ve never heard of this plant, you’d better get one as soon as possible, it’s not very expensive and it does not require much care. Here’s how you should take care of it:

Once you get the plant you can plant it in the garden or in a pot, it will grow without difficulties.

As it grows, the aged leaves turn brown, when you see them of that color you must remove them to facilitate their normal development.

If you are going to plant it in the garden we recommend that you place it in a place where there is a lot of light so that it acquires a deep green.

Finally you must water it only when you notice the land completely dry, because if you water it permanently the plant will die in a short time and it is something that we do not want.

IMPORTANT: The best place to locate this plant is next to the entrance. Specifically, the right side of the entrance door and always facing north.

Other Feng Shui Tips to Attract Money:

Keep your kitchen clean: The kitchen is directly related to your ability to attract money. So keeping the kitchen clean and tidy not only means a more comfortable and beautiful home, but also a greater flow of money into your bank account.

Make your front door attractive: If it is hidden or difficult to access, the opportunities can not find you.

Eliminate the disorder: Get rid of the disorder releases energy.

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