Why Nose Bleed – Nose Bleeding Home Remedies

What to do when we Nosebleed?

Although your first reaction will be to put the head back, you should throw it forward to avoid swallowing blood. Remember to breathe through the mouth

Why do we sometimes nosebleed?

Do not worry, most of the time we come out bloody nose is not of excessive gravity. It is common in both adults and children. You should know that the nose has a lot of very small blood vessels that can break for example to changes in temperature or cold.

The air moving through the nose can dry and irritate the membranes lining inside, crusting also can rupture and cause bleeding. Because the temperature is very important factor to cause these breaks, it is common in the winter when more nosebleeds can suffer.

Most of these hemorrhages occur in the front of the nasal septum, and rarely occur in the deepest part of the nose. It is true that the latter hemorrhages may be more difficult to control; but quiet, none can provoke death. Let us now see what are the main causes:

  • Irritation from allergies or colds.
  • Very cold or dry air.
  • Blow your nose too hard, or nose picking.
  • Injury or even have a deviated septum.
  • Chemical agents.
  • Arterial hypertension.
  • More serious cases: possible tumors.

Home Remedies for Nose Bleed

What should we do when we nosebleed?

The first thing we do when we nosebleed, or when we see what happens to someone else, is to stay calm. Especially if they are children. The will calm and tell them that nothing happens, and will happen immediately. To do this, we must follow the guidelines that show below.

  • First thing we do is sit and take your head forward, always forward. And because? For thus we avoid swallowing blood. You must breathe through the mouth.
  • Now, sitting, gently clench the nose, not the wall, but the soft part with the thumb and index finger (so that the nostrils are closed). About 2 minutes and let go, then we go to press and release to see if it has already stopped. Breathe through your mouth.
  • Remember to always be forward to avoid swallowing blood. Checks every five minutes if you still bleeding nose.
  • If it does not stop, we can apply a cold pack or some ice on the nose bridge for a while, so we can stop the bleeding.
  • Usually people are very habit of plugging the nose with gauze. Okay, but it is important not completely from plugging the nose, just a gentle gauze not completely obstruct the nostril.

Another point to consider is that it is not advisable to lie down while you are suffering a nosebleed. Sometimes we make mistakes, and many people often force those nosebleeds to lie down on the floor or on the couch. Not good, because as we’ve already said we run the risk of swallowing blood. Ideally, leave the head forward, so blood flow down and not from clogging.

Another fact to consider: Avoid vacuuming or blowing your nose for several hours after bleeding. This act can cause bleeding back.

If you see bleeding from the nose does not stop, you should seek help from a health to control bleeding. It is customary to apply a nasal decongestant spray to seal small vessels and control bleeding.

When to contact a medical professional?

We go to a medical center in the following cases:

-The Bleeding does not stop after 20 minutes.
-The Nosebleed occurs after we have taken a blow to the head. It’s something that may indicate a serious head injury.
If after a blow your nose bleeding also presents a deformity. It’s possible that you have broken the nasal septum. Something very painful.

You should also consider the following:

Do you often bloody nose a lot? One or more times a week? You do not have to do with colds or temperature changes? Then go to the doctor.

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