Look What Happens When I put OLIVE OIL IN AN ORANGE PEEL!!

During the winter, it is normal for families to come together to spend time together. Especially on December holidays, families make long trips to see the family after so long.

That is why it is normal that we want our houses to be well decorated and welcoming to those who will come. If the place where we live is very cold, we usually light candles to keep the atmosphere warm. In this video we will show you how to take advantage of the orange peel with an unimaginable use.

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In some places of the world this is the tradition, while, in other places, they prefer to light a little incense. Other families prefer to decorate their home with aromatic candles and also adorn the air. On the other hand, a romantic night for two, can be beautifully adorned with lighted candles.

What few knew was that, in a simple and practical way, they can make unique candles. The best thing about the technique that we will present next is that what we will use is easily accessible. Therefore, it will be very simple to get what we will use. In addition, it can be a very special, ecological and that flood our home with a rich aroma. In fact, many are already using it to decorate their home at these winter parties.

Here’s how to prepare some flirty mandarin peel candles in a simple way. All we need for this is 1 tangerine and a little olive oil.

 Prepare aromatic candles with the mandarin peel:

The first thing to do is, take the tangerine and draw a line in half with a knife. This line should be made horizontally, so that you can peel off half the shell. With gentle movements, loosen the peel and remove it from the fruit without tearing it.

Then you take one of the shells (preferably the top or the one with a small wick) and you pour olive oil. The amount will be ¼ of its current size, that is, you will throw oil until a quarter of the shell is filled.

To the shell of the superior part you will have to realize some cuts to him like in star form. Now, take a match and light the wick of the shell with the oil. Finally, you put the other shell on and your aromatic and decorative candle is ready. Try to put it in a place that is not dangerous, and turn it off when you go out.

Make a lamp from an orange in 1 Minute (VIDEO)

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