Quick Sunburn Relief – Sunburn treatment and remedies

4 Home Remedies for Sunburn

At some point, we’ve all experienced the effects of sunburn. Whether on our vacation or daily by walking in the city, and in the spring or summer season when solar radiation is especially intense.

For this reason then we will say we give some remedies to soothe or heal burns.

relieve sunburn - home remedies

1. Packs of fresh milk.

It is known that fatty acids and lactic acid in milk have skin soothing sunburned.

Dip a soft cloth or cotton gauze in fresh whole milk and carefully applied to the injured area.

Do this for about 20 minutes, and then rinse with cold water, due to the importance of the fat content of milk, it is essential that whole milk is that you are using.

2. Oats.
Besides having a tranquilizer power, it prevents itching and burning skin peeling product because of the burn.

3. Iced tea (chamomile).

Tannins in tea are the active ingredient in this remedy, which helps soothe and relieve some of the discomfort of sunburned skin.

After preparing a large pot of chamomile tea, let it cool completely, and preferably add some ice to speed the process; applied to the affected areas with a soft sponge or washcloth.

4. Aloe Vera.

It is commonly used to treat sunburn. In addition to providing soothing relief, it can also help in the healing process. Apply to the affected areas as needed.

The gel extracted directly from an aloe vera plant works best, if you have access to one, you can use a cream containing this ingredient. To be effective, make sure the cream has a high concentration.

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