Here’s The Perfect REMEDY To GET RID of Body Odor INSTANTLY | How To Kill That ARMPIT ODOR.

There are many people who have much underarm sweat, this causes them to have a bad odor and therefore feel uncomfortable in relation to others.

While it is true that there is a lot of deodorants that help you eliminate the bad smell, many people have tried everything and so far can not find a solution.

So this time we have compiled a series of natural deodorants that will help end the bad underarm odor. More than one insurance are effective for you.

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Natural deodorants to help you break the bad smell of armpits:

Here we present eight natural deodorants that can help you combat odor and excessive underarm sweating:

1) Lemon: This fruit helps eliminate toxins and bacteria from our body, besides being very beneficial to the skin by its vitamin C, to use it you must place a slice of lemon under each arm for about 15 minutes, can also clean the skin well, rubbing a chopped lemon juice.

2) Apple Cider Vinegar: Fill a spray bottle with vinegar and a little water and spray your armpits every morning.

3) Baking soda: Baking soda is excellent because it absorbs odors, can mix with cornstarch and apply equally in the armpits.

4) Avoid shaving the armpits: plucking armpits may seem like a good option to remove the odor, but in reality it is not. Hairs are needed to absorb moisture that causes odor.

5) Tea Tree Oil: This oil is excellent underarm general. This can eliminate the bad smell with your application. Apply with a spray, mixed with a few drops of rose oil.

6) Use Natural Soap: looking for a soap made from sheep’s milk.

7) Talc: Talc usually used for babies, it is a great ally to combat odor and underarm sweating, re-use now. Spread talcum powder on your armpits every morning after your shower, with good dry skin

8) Alum: Alum Stone is one of the most effective natural deodorant and I can find in stores by the name of: Mineral Deodorant Alum.

I appreciate your time to watch this video, hoping that at least one of these natural remedies help eliminate the bad smell of your armpits.

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