She used This Natural Lotion To Remove Stains From Face, Black Spots and Acne!!

You need a lot of care to keep a face without acne, and unblemished. There are many medical treatments on the market that help remove these imperfections of the face, but can be very expensive and not used for all skin types because they contain chemicals that end up irritating the skin.

Luckily, from Power Health we will always bring you the best in natural remedies, tricks and effective home health, and in this video know a homemade parsley lotion made base, which is simple to prepare and fairly inexpensive.

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Homemade lotion to parsley basis to remove stains Face:

1. The way to prepare the lotion is pouring 200 ml of boiling water 2 tablespoons chopped parsley leaves. You could also use dried parsley, and then put this mixture to simmer for fifteen minutes.

2. Next, you remove the pan from the heat and let it cool. When you’re cold, you’re going to strain it and add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Try cider vinegar is organic.

3. You will apply this lotion every morning and every night, that is, twice a day.

This lotion gets close the pores and cleanse the skin. Parsley have magnificent properties, among them helps whiten freckles and blemishes. It also gives shine and clarity to our skin.

You can keep the lotion in the refrigerator for about 6 days. You could use this lotion for making ice cubes, which you will provide a very effective treatment for the face because it gets away the inflammation. Use this lotion for a month.

This lotion can also serve to remove dark circles and redness formed around the eyes. You’ll soak cotton pads with this lotion and you apply around the eyes every morning and every evening. You leave it on for about 5 minutes.
Why is it so beneficial to health parsley ?

  • Parsley contains many minerals and vitamins that promote skin cleansing. Likewise, parsley juice has essential oils, manganese and potassium. In traditional medicine parsley was used to treat fevers, urinary tract diseases and kidney diseases, and eye infections, diabetes and problems related to impotence.
  • Parsley helps the skin bleaching and has regenerative properties. Get reduce redness, inflammation and irritation, besides giving you a toned and fresh look to the skin.

In short, parsley is an excellent food that can be used for sensitive skin, and especially for the area around the eyes. Prepare parsley lotion and use it daily to improve your skin.

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