Removing Warts without leaving marks on just 5 days With This Home Remedy!!

There are several types of warts, but this time we talk about the most common and visually affect people.

Currently there are many drugs that help you remove warts without leaving any marks, even some methods which can eliminate a few minutes, of course, these methods are usually more expensive because they must go to a specialist dermatologist. Although if you want to see physically what you pay.

Fortunately there are also natural and homemade methods with which we can remove warts without leaving marks, we will give to know some of them.

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Remove Warts In Just 5 Days:

The first remedy that is going to recommend the garlic, although the smell is not very pleasant for many is very healing. When you wake up in the morning you have to do is remove the pulp of garlic, then you must clean the affected area. This method is’ll also repeat at night, every day until the wart fall.

Another home remedy to remove warts is the apple cider vinegar. To do this we will need several bandaids (depends on the number of warts you have), we proceed from 2 to 3 drops of cider vinegar to bands containing band aids and the last step is to put them in the place we want to eliminate them.

We must repeat the remedy for 5 consecutive days, we do it in the early morning and before going to sleep, that is, twice a day. It is important not to remove the bandages until you arrive at night. After this time has elapsed you will see that the wart has disappeared, if for some reason you have not removed we suggest one more method.

What you should do is to tape where the wart is for five consecutive days, not withdraw. After you’ve noticed the wart is soaked in water and finally must use a pumice stone to sand carefully where the wart, since you retire dead skin.

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