This SEED CURES CANCER and it’s 10.000 Times More Effective than Chemotherapy!

The star seed having sufficient properties to prevent cancer is the apple seed. Surely you wonder why they have not said before ?. Why this secret is kept hidden ?:

Simply because the big pharmaceutical industry and other health organizations are committed to hide to continue their lucrative business that brings them billions of dollars worldwide, offering drugs manufactured synthetically.

The apple seed is a super potent anticancer for its beneficial effects to destroy tumors and act effectively against any kind of cancer.

Among other benefits also include being an antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial powerful. You can get eliminate parasites and worms in our body. In addition, the apple seed helps regulate blood pressure and counteract depression and other nervous disorders.

One of the known manufacturers of more powerful drugs in the world explained that after 20 laboratory tests developed since 1970 the results showed that the extract of apple seed eliminates cancer cells from 12 different cancers including: prostate cancer, colon , breast, pancreatic and lung.

The compounds of this seed proved 10 thousand times more effective in their action of retarding the growth of cancer cells compared to Adriamycin, a drug used to prevent chemotherapy multiplication of tumor cells.

But there is still more surprising fact: the compounds of the apple seed, used as a therapeutic natural remedy against cancer, only act on cancer or abnormal cells without affecting those who are healthy, unlike chemotherapy which affects both types, which significantly impairs our health, impoverishing our immune system.

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Anticancer PROPERTIES OF Apple seed:

Like other seeds such as tangerine or plum, apple seed is rich in water-soluble vitamin, B17. This vitamin is composed of one molecule of benzaldehyde and other cyanide.

It has discovered the power of this vitamin to counter cancer for its healing properties, which explains why this vitamin in the presence of water and the enzyme beta-glucosamidasa generates cyanide and benzaldehyde, which separately are highly toxic but working together they are able to amplify its anticarcinogenic potential up to 100 times.

It should be noted that the enzyme beta-glucosamidase found in large proportions in cancer cells and in very low concentration in normal cells. For this reason it is that the compounds present in apple seed act on abnormal cells, creating a symbiosis between these toxic substances seed with the enzyme beta-glucosamidasa own diseased cells, resulting in the elimination of the latter, stopping their growth and spread, this process without affecting normal cells at all the rest of the body.

Furthermore, normal cells contain an enzyme called rhodanese, is a mitochondrial enzyme whose scientific name is sulfurotransferasa thiosulfate. This enzyme detoxified cyanide, that is, it does not toxic to the body. However, cancer cells do not have rhodanese, thus are vulnerable to this cyanide in apple seed, which acts by killing.

How to eat the apple seed ?

The apple seed has a bitter taste and a little acid will not like too sure, but compared to the terrible effects of chemotherapy is a much healthier and effective option. Mode consume depends on your creativity: you can eat the seeds while eating the apple, crush or grind or its content and sprinkle on salads, fruit smoothies, juices and other foods.

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