AMAZING! This seaweed Has Three Times MORE PROTEIN THAN CHICKEN | Spirulina Benefits

The alga Spirulina is a seaweed that is located mainly in Asia.

This microscopic blue-green alga grows naturally in alkaline lakes (such as Texcoco in Mexico or Lake Chad African country of the same name), whose conditions prevent the development of other living organisms. This makes spirulina a reliable product, as in alkaline waters there are very few bacteria.

Consuming spirulina is a contribution to the daily diet of interest because they are high in protein and minerals. It is currently under investigation all the benefits it can generate but some of them are beginning to glimpse.

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Therapeutic properties:

A spirulina are attributed certain medicinal properties, the World Health Organization considers good for the eyes and in vitro tests are promising.

Especially against night blindness, this may be due thanks to its high levels of vitamin A.

It protects the heart because its high content of compounds derived omega-6 fatty acids, make them particularly suitable for cholesterol, triglycerides and generally improve arterial blood to avoid problems. Improves the immune system.

It is also said that helps to increase muscle mass for its high protein content.

The energy input involved is suitable for people with high wear intellectual and physical level. It also provides iron derived from chlorophyll, Beta-carotene is very useful to protect skin from sun effect by stimulating the secretion of melanin.

It provides minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, chromium, magnesium, zinc, copper and germanium.

Prostaglandins acts on getting an anti-inflammatory effect that is good for diseases such as arthritis.

Spirulina can be an ally to lose weight because it is high in phenylalanine, an amino acid which is attributed the property of reducing hunger.

It is important to note that if consumed at a higher dose to the body can tolerate can cause side effects such as thirst and constipation, fever, dizziness, stomach pain, skin rash.

Therefore we recommend that you buy a herbalist, and ask for the recommended dose.

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