8 Things That Neither You Nor Your Partner Should NEVER MAKE YOUR VAGINA!

An investigation was conducted by the Clinical Institute May and released by the Excélsior it states that daily use panty liners creates a perfect environment for the development of fungi and bacteria.

That is why one major mistakes many women is to use them daily. The same study found that at the end also the use of G-strings often causes irritation and vaginal infections.

For this case we recommend you wear clothing made from cotton so that your intimate zone can “breathe” and “transpire”.

There are several habits that according to the study NEVER should practice as these may damage your vagina.

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  1. GIVING douches or INTIMATE SPRAY. Tampon use is very dangerous and so are douching.

That is why we inform you that in any situation douching must be done superficially, never should do an internal washing.

When you make an internal wash it causes a problem, the cervical mucus that is responsible for cleaning the area naturally, and perform deep showers this can not do their job properly.

Even some experts recommend that these products are avoided, because you can change the vaginal pH; meaning that’d suffer malodor and constantly infections.

  1. Plastic toys. Already you can imagine what happens when microorganisms come to your intimate area!

By using sex toys such as rubber or plastic vibrators, over time these irregularities are formed where microbes are hidden.

It is best that these toys made of stainless steel, hard plastic or silicone is used. And immediately be used to wash with soap and plenty of water.

3) INTRODUCE fruits or vegetables. For more pleasant it may seem, placing fruits or vegetables in your private parts when you’re having sex with your partner is a risk as it could sicken your mons is a sector fatty soft tissue located on the pelvis. These foods have enough bacteria to create discomfort.

4) Hair dye. One trend that is very much in danger is to change the color of your pubic hair. Before you can dare to put hair dye, you should know and keep in mind that the skin of the intimate area is very delicate and this could cause fatal damage.

5) Depilatory cream. The chemicals are too strong for your intimate zone, so this may suffer some allergic, irritation and even itching reactions.

6) Flavorings. In the market there are a large number of tampons and condoms aromatic. Most preferably those aromas Flee! Since these products usually have compounds that can cause itching and inflammation in the intimate area of all women.

7) PIERCINGS. It is much more than proven that tattoos and piercings are an excellent source for infection. By sexier than these look in your private parts is very risky.

8) INCORRECT CLEANING. It is very important that when you go to the toilet always wipe from front to back, thus the bacteria can not infect your vagina. Do not forget to share with your friends facebook this could be important to them.

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