Discover the incredible uses of Coca-Cola that you did not know!!

Every second more than 4000 liters of Coca-Cola are consumed worldwide, which would be 350 billion at the end of the day.

Mexico is the country that consumes the most refreshing drink reaching 105.9 liters per year per person, the Americans instead, occupy the second place consuming 99.5 liters. But do we know exactly what Coca-Cola is made of?.

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It may seem strange that the components of Coca-Cola make it an option both to take with our meals and to use it as a product of the home. It’s no wonder the incredible powers it displays when it comes to fighting corrosion or cleaning the plumbing in the sink. Do you know all their applications?.

  1. Descaling of teapot:

Coca-Cola has the same qualities as white vinegar. Just pour a little of this soda inside the kettle, boil it and rinse with hot water. Fleet with a small brush if necessary to remove the last debris.

  1. Restore the frying pans:

Sometimes it can happen, we are cooking so quietly when suddenly we forget some verdurilla or anything else on the frying pan and by the time we realize besides ruining the lunch we have a frying pan full of charred food.

To remove the remaining dirt easily, pour a little of the soda on the pan and bring to a simmer for 20 minutes. Then simply rubbing with a kitchen scrub should be enough to get a second chance for the pan.

  1. Clean dirty dishes:

To remove dried dirt from the dishes with ease, simply let them soak for a few minutes in a mixture made with a little Coca-Cola, dishwasher and hot water. Thanks to this trick you will eliminate the most rebellious dirt with little effort.

  1. Eliminate grease, blood, paint and ink stains:

For most people, staining with a little oil can be a complete mess without solution. Maybe Coke is your salvation.

Remove stains from your clothes by adding a glass of Coke in the washing machine in addition to using the washing product you use regularly. When you take off your clothes, you will see that the stain has disappeared.

  1. Remove chewing gum:

Whether it’s stuck in your hair, your clothes or whatever, from now on, before you cut yourself out try this remedy. Moisten with Coca-Cola the area where the chewing gum is adhered and let it sit. With the passage of time you will be able to remove the sticky substance without any problem.

  1. Clean the toilet and plumbing:

Recover the white of your toilet by pouring Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl. Wait between 30 minutes or 1 hour depending on the degree of dirt in the bathroom you want to clean. After rubbing with the brush and pulling the tank you will have a result as in the ads.

  1. Hair bleach:

If you regret the last visit you made to the hairdresser the Coca-Cola is what you need. With a liter of this refreshment you can lighten the dye of your hair. For best results, soak your hair for a few minutes in a bowl of Coke (may be a little uncomfortable) and then wash your hair with your usual shampoo.

  1. Eliminate corrosion:

You can try using a little Coca-Cola when you want to eliminate the corrosion of some metal element. Take a hard sponge, pour some of the soda directly onto the metal and rub it. After a few minutes you should notice an improvement.

  1. Clean windows and windshields:

If you take too long without cleaning the car and the dirt of the crystals starts to be difficult to remove, use Coca-Cola to leave your vehicle as new. Pour a little refreshment on the windshield and let it act for a couple of minutes, then rinse and rub with a cloth for amazing results.

  1. Finish the stains of red fruits:

The acid components of the soda cause the stain to thin after a few minutes. Do not forget to rinse the stain with clear water to make it look new.

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