WHITENING TEETH At Home – Whitens in just 2 minutes your teeth with this home remedy

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We know, have a beautiful smile is the desire of all, teeth are the calling card of a person and these tend to generate some kind of impression on others. It is for this reason that almost all want to have our teeth white and neat as much of the famous.

It is therefore something that helps maintain whiter teeth is to have a suitable oral health. So you’ll draw all eyes as you smile. At the same time today we’ll show you a home remedy which will serve to whiten your teeth in just two minutes.

Best of all is that you will not have to spend much money as if you were buying some dental treatment which are quite expensive. With this trick you can stop worrying about your teeth, and clean it for you easily, quickly and effectively the same and all durable.

how I whiten my teeth at home


  • Sodium bicarbonate.
  • A lemon.

These two simple ingredients are necessary for what we’re looking for. Once you have at hand you must follow these steps to do the treatment correctly.

Steps to follow:

  1. Looking for a bowl and place a tablespoon of baking soda so that it does not slip out of the container at any time.
  2. Now over the lemon in half.
  3. Squeeze a tablespoon of lemon so that it is only the juice.
  4. Mix the lemon juice with baking soda you have in the container.
  5. Find a napkin and she’ll grab the mixture and going to apply on your teeth (each).
  6. You will wait two minutes for it to take effect.
  7. Rinse well your teeth so you can see the expected results.Making 4 mouthfuls of water and then pulls the wáter.

Now simply you just have to look in the mirror and see for yourself that you have much whiter teeth. We remind you that this procedure can not be used very often so you should not abuse their benefits. Well if you do it too often may wear the enamel of your teeth. So you must have slope must use this remedy in moderation so they do not cause any side effects to your oral health.

NOTE: Remember that everything in excess hurts, do not do this every day, only occasionally because it could damage the estarme of your teeth. 

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