The Whole World Throws It, But COSTS GOLD. Try It and See!!

Coffee is the second drink most consumed in the world, only after water and, although for many years, the benefits have been questioned, currently valued as healthy food that can contribute much to our health drink.

Many people can not start their day without drinking a cup of coffee. Coffee acts as a stimulant and generates a feeling of pleasure and vitality, enabling better perform activities that require more energy and concentration.

However, besides being a healthy and perfect drink to wake up, coffee has other uses that can facilitate various jobs at home and great for beauty remedies.

Today we share some of the uses that can be taken into account in order to maximize the remains of coffee that apparently are no longer useful for anything.

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Here they have which are (COFFEE USES)

  1. Neutralizes odors: The coffee powder has a pleasant and strong aroma that can easily neutralize odors.

To combat odors in the refrigerator or in your car, put about three tablespoons of coffee or their remains in a small bowl or in a mesh bag to store in a corner of the site concerned.

  1. You can hide gray hair: The dyes are the most effective way to hide gray hair begins to appear product, usually after 35 years. However, for those who fear for the health of hair or prefer natural alternatives, coffee may be the best option.

Prepare a good strong coffee, and use it to rinse all the hair at least 3 times a week.

You have to let it cool to facilitate the implementation by the hair roots. Leave on for 10 minutes then rinse with warm water.

  1. Fertilizer: Plants more easily grow in acidic soils to be fertilized with the coffee grounds.

Coffee grounds remain important nutrients that stimulate the growth of plants such as blueberries.

  1. Fleas: The aroma and taste of coffee acts as a good repellent to combat fleas refuge in the hair of animals.

Just take the coffee grounds and rub them in pet hair immediately after washing. Once dry, it is good to brush in order to improve their appearance.

The best aspect of this natural flea control is releasing a pleasant aroma without the presence of aggressive chemicals such as cleaners.

  1. Clean water: The odor of the water and pipes sinks or bathtubs, can be neutralized with some coffee.

Put some ground coffee in a liter of water and pour it down the drain to eliminate and prevent this stench.

  1. Ant repellent: The strong aroma of coffee is not nice for ants, and eventually will go away from the house. Put the coffee grounds along the path formed by these insects.
  1. Hide scratches on wood: As time passes, the wood loses its luster and can be filled with scratches. To solve the problem, prepare a dense mix with some coffee and water. A ready time, it used to fill small cracks.
  1. Scrub: This product is perfect to remove dead cells from the face, which facilitates thorough cleaning.

Beyond that, its antioxidant qualities and nutrients bring great benefits to the skin, preventing premature aging and other skin changes. Mix some coffee with a spoonful of coconut oil or olive oil and apply it on the areas to exfoliate.

This treatment can also be used to massage the buttocks and legs in order to reduce cellulite. The caffeine stimulates circulation and this helps reduce the orange peel.

Did you know all these uses of coffee? Now that you know them, do not hesitate to reuse the remains that remain on your coffee machine.

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