For smokers and non-smoking people: This Drink Cleanse Your Lungs!

According to the American Lung Association, there are approximately 600 ingredients in cigarettes. When they burned, generating over 7000 chemicals.

Many of these chemicals are also found in consumer products, but these products have warning labels. While the public is warned of the damage of poisons in these products, there is still no such warning about toxins in smoke snuff.

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Below is a list of just some chemicals found in smoke snuff and other places where we find:

  1. Acetone: found in nail polish remover.
  2. Ascetic acid: Component of hair dye.
  3. Ammonia: known household cleaner.
  4. Arsenic: used in rat poison.
  5. Benzene: found in rubber adhesive.
  6. Butane: used in lighter fluid.
  7. Cadmium: active component in battery acid.
  8. Carbon Monoxide: released from the tailpipes of cars.
  9. Formaldehyde: embalming fluid.
  10. Hexamine: found in lighters.
  11. Lead: used in batteries.
  12. Naphthalene: chemical used against moths.
  13. Methanol: main compound rocket fuel.
  14. Nicotine: used as an insecticide.
  15. Tar: equipment for paving streets.
  16. Toluene: used to make paint.

As you can see, cigarettes contain many harmful toxins that damage the body.

The stark reality is that the lungs of a smoker or someone who used to smoke are full of toxins. But there is a way to clean, and can be achieved by drinking this amazing recipe that contains powerful healing properties and consists of only 3 ingredients.

Onion, ginger, and turmeric. When it comes ginger, it is known to be widely used for its healing properties.

  1. Ginger: In addition to its properties, removes excess mucus from the lungs.
  2. Onion: It has anti-cancer properties. It is one of the best fighters against malignant conditions. It also prevents diseases of the respiratory system.
  3. Turmeric: rich in vitamins and minerals, has large amounts of omega 3. This spice is also known for its anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-cancer. Worth introduce to the diet.


-1 liter of water.
-400 grams of onion.
-2 Tablespoons organic turmeric powder.
-400 grams of sugar cane.
-Ginger Root Thumb size.


First mix the water and sugar in a pot placed on the fire. Wait a boil. Cut the ginger and onion and add it to the boiling water.

When this mixture is thoroughly boiled (3 to 5 min), add turmeric and reduce heat by half. Let the mixture cook until half of what it was at first.

Strain and keep in a glass container. After it cools to room temperature, store in the refrigerator.

Consume this potion daily, 2 tablespoons morning and evening 2 tablespoons after dinner (ideally from 45 minutes later).

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