Whitening Teeth – How I Whitened My Teeth At Home

Black Tiger Marketing LimitedStained teeth tend to be a fairly common problem in most people actually can strongly influence their personality or self-esteem, because they do not feel very safe to smile shame to show relatively yellowed or stained teeth.

It is believed that yellow teeth can be caused by lack of oral hygiene, however, although in some cases the cause can be that there are other more important factors that can cause tooth staining or turn yellow. Not everyone knows these factors is the reason I always believe that is unhygienic or poor brushing

Among the factors that can cause yellowed or stained teeth we can mention the following: coffee very often, the bad habit of smoking or chewing snuff, drinking red wine, drink lots of tea, dental inheritance or certain eating habits. It is advisable to visit the dentist at least 2 times a year so you can make an oral cleansing, because these stains are not removed with simple brushing and can worsen into tartar or bad breath.

How I Whitened my teeth at home

Trick for cleaning teeth  thanks to this Shell.

If you do not have to make a lot of money cleaning a dentist, because in this article we want to tell you a trick so you can do it at home. Best of all is that you just need to peel banana or plantain to do and is completely natural. This fruit contains salicylic acid in their properties which fights tartar and removes stains from the teeth, as it acts as a natural bleach and strengthens teeth.

The correct way is to remove the rind of the fruit and then to rub it directly inside the teeth.Do it for 5 minutes, then let stand for 5 minutes and remove with the usual brushing every day. It is recommended that you do it three times a day before brushing for a month.

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With This The Fast WHITENING TEETH Without Having To Go To The Dentist or Damage Your Teeth!!

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